SSD 1 terabyte - Solid hard drive installation SSD 1000 gigabytes - part, labor and collection included.


Installing a solid hard drive SSD 1000 gigabytes on your Macbook, Macbook Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Pro or iMac

The price includes piece, labor collected from the round trip equipment.

Time of realization 72 hours.


What are the advantages of SSD?

The advantages of a solid-state drive compared to conventional hard disk derive precisely from not base its operation on the use of mechanical components in constant motion. Here are the main aspects that make them so attractive today:

Speed ​​Reading

One of the main banners of solid state drives is their reading speed, which far exceeds that of the HDD hard drives. This difference is especially palpable during system startup, and run programs that require high processing capacity.

Shock resistance

Moreover, the fact of not having parts in constant motion also seeks greater tolerance to shock and vibration, especially critical aspect in conventional hard drives.

This absence of moving mechanical parts also results in a total or near total absence of noise. In that sense it will remind any Pendrive.

Energy consumption

Power consumption is also significantly lower than the HDD. This difference is noticeable especially in laptops, affecting durability of the battery.