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How to save battery with your iPhone iPhone

How to save battery with your iPhone iPhone

Apple does not do anything wrong in optimizing the performance of its hardware and maybe that's why despite having a battery of such low capacity (high-end phones from other companies usually have batteries of 3000mAh), some models IPhone can last up to a day without recharging the device.

Either way, we can take certain steps to improve the battery life of our iPhone. Stay tuned to these tricks.

10 tricks to save battery with your iPhone

  1. Attention to coverage: If the coverage signal is too low, this can lead to battery intensive use, so you should consider activating airplane mode to prevent the iPhone from constantly searching for the signal.
  2. Disable app notifications: One of the most battery-consuming resources is notifications. We can go to Settings> Notifications and delete the ones that do not interest us. Then we can deactivate the sound of them.
  3. Change the display settings: Go to Settings> General> Automatic Lock and reduce the time until it locks automatically. We can also reduce the brightness of the screen.
  4. Say no to the animations: You have to go to Settings> General> Accessibility and active Reduce movement
  5. Reduce updates in the background: one of the sections where we can save a lot of battery. Applications can refresh their content in the background, something that can quickly drain the battery. We have to go to Settings> General> Refresh in the background, and deselect the applications that do not interest us, especially Facebook. It is better to update when we open them.
  6. Disable location services: Unless you're using Maps, turning off location is a good option to save battery power on your iPhone. You have to go to Settings> Privacy> Location and deactivate it. We can also disable "Sharing My Location".
  7. You have to keep your iPhone 6 cool: The heat has never been good for the batteries, so put your cell phone where it is not too hot.
  8. Disable Siri: You have to go to Settings> General> Siri
  9. Turn off the vibrations: You have to go to Settings> Sounds and deactivate the vibrations.
  10. Choose to sync on iCloud: Do you need to have everything synced in iCloud? Surely not, so it turns off some sync options.

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