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How to prevent your MacBook from charging the battery when it is connected to the charger

How to prevent your MacBook from charging the battery when it is connected to the charger

Navigating the web I found the following doubt, I found interesting and decide to take a look ...

When I go to sleep at night, the two green lights (which emit from both sides of the MagSafe connector of my charger for Macbook Air 13) illuminate my entire room.

How can I turn them off?

Currently I only cover it with the clothes, but doing it is difficult and inefficient because I keep my laptop on a stand. Maybe I can build a kind of mini sleeve that is around the connector to cover the led of the connector.

I do not want to disconnect because I do not close it and I prefer to discharge it only once a month for optimum battery health. I guess I could turn it off every night and then remove the power cord.

I prefer the iPhone charger because it does not emit any light.

Then it is when the interesting thing arrives, a user publishes a solution that turns off the led and at the same time allows to use the charger without charging the battery.

At work, I use my laptop like crazy. I work several hours and am delighted with my Macbook, but unfortunately, it also means that I have to keep my laptop connected to the charger. Lithium batteries do not like to remain fully charged or discharged - which causes them to degrade faster.

Charge your Mac to 50 percent. Cut a thin piece of tape and place it on the center pin of the MagSafe magazine. For safety reasons, make sure the other pins are fully exposed.

The computer uses the central pin to retrieve the serial number and power of the charger over the 1-Wire protocol. Without this information, your Mac will feed from the charger, but will not charge the battery.


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