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Cargador para Macbook Air 45w Magsafe-1
  • Cargador para Macbook Air 45w Magsafe-1

Chargeur pour Macbook Air 45w Magsafe-1


Chargeur pour Macbook Air 45w Magsafe-1

Chargeur pour modèles Macbook Air A1370 et A1369

45w Magsafe-1 - Chargeur avec connecteur magnétique Magsafe-1 compatible avec Macbook Air 11 et 13 pouces.


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Chargeur pour Macbook Air 45w Magsafe-1

Chargeur pour Macbook Air 45w Magsafe-1

Chargeur pour Macbook Air 45w Magsafe-1

Chargeur pour modèles Macbook Air A1370 et A1369

45w Magsafe-1 - Chargeur avec connecteur magnétique Magsafe-1 compatible avec Macbook Air 11 et 13 pouces.


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Compatible with the following equipment:

  • MacBook Air (13 in. Beginnings, Mids and Ends from 2011)
  • MacBook Air (11-inch. Early, Mid, and Late from 2011)
  • MacBook Air (13-inch. Early, Mid, and Late from 2010)
  • MacBook Air (11 in. Early, Mid and Late 2010)
  • MacBook Air (13 inches. Early, Mid and Late from 2009)
  • MacBook Air (13 inches. Early, Mid and Late from 2008)
  • MacBook Air (CTO First Version)

Compatible Models:

Macbook Air 11.6" inch MC506CH/A MC506ZP/A MC505CH/A MC505ZP/A MC968CH/A MC968ZP/A MC969CH/A MC969ZP/A

Macbook Air 13.3" inch MB543CH/A MB543ZP/A MB003CH/A MB003ZP/A MC233CH/A MC233ZP/A MB940CH/A MB940ZP/A MC234CH/A MC234ZP/A MC503CH/A MC503ZP/A MC504CH/A MC504ZP6/ MC96ZP6/A TO MC966ZP/A MC965CH/A MC965ZP/A 

MagSafe 45w Charger FAQ

The MagSafe adapter is compatible with my MacBook Air?

To properly determine what is appropriate for your MacBook Air notebook, you need to keep two things in mind:

  • the size (inches) of your MacBook Air (related to the power of the magsafe charger)
  • the year of manufacture of your MacBook Air (related to the type of connector)

In terms of size, there are only two: Macbook Air 11" and 13". Both the 11-inch and 13-inch models use a charger with a 45w power as standard. So, you can choose between the charger with the connector MagSafe1 either MagSafe2.

It is also important to know what year your MacBook was manufactured. As this is important to determine what type of MagSafe connector your equipment uses. Since mid 2012 the MacBook Air is equipped with a connector called MagSafe 2. For you as a MacBook Air user, this means that when ordering a new charger you should keep in mind that:

  • If your laptop was manufactured between early 2008 and mid 2012, you may need a charger MagSafe-1 45w for your Macbook Air
  • If your laptop was manufactured between Mid 2012 and Late 2016 you may need a charger MagSafe 2 for your MacBook Air

What is the difference between the connector MagSafe 1 Y Magsafe 2?

Both connectors are magnetic, the difference is that the connector MagSafe2 is flatter and longer designed only for the latest models, the MagSafe1 is thicker and less rectangular designed just for laptops Apple oldest.

To get a better idea of the various MagSafe connectors, the distinction is shown here. If the adapter is newer it is rectangular aluminum like the one on the left, it is a connector for laptops manufactured after 2012 onwards. If the charger is older corresponds to the example on the right side of the image, for equipment manufactured from 2006 to mid-2012.

Yes  still have doubts about the correct connection? 

Contact a web representative to help you identify the correct charger for your equipment.

How is the model determined? year of manufacture of my MacBook Air?

The year of Your laptop's build will affect the type of MagSafe connector you need. There are two ways to find out if you need a charger MagSafe1 either MagSafe 2:

  • First of all, it is possible to write the model (Axxxx) of your MacBook Air in the search bar of the web and possible matches will automatically appear. The The model name of your Mac notebook is printed on the outside of your computer. Also, your old charger It has printed on the outside the voltage and amperage that your equipment needs.
  • Second, if you still have charge in your battery, you can click the Apple (apple), and then select "About This Mac". In this way you will easily obtain the specifications of your equipment, including the size of the screen and the year of manufacture. 

Is this charger 45W MagSafe compatible safe for my gear?

The Chargers MagSafe1 45w supplied by Hallelujah have been extensively tested. The charger is not only reliable and of good quality, but also complies with all European quality standards and guidelines required by the industry.

What does the purchase of the product include?

The charger MagSafe1 supplied with plug "duck head" which can be connected and easily disconnect from the charger. 

East compatible charger can cause damage to my laptop battery?

In addition to numerous safety-related tests and checks performed on the MagSafe chargers we supply, we make sure to send the right product to each of our customersThe charger will always provide the correct power to your equipment.

This charger has one green and one amber LED. on the MagSafe connector?

As with the charger original from Apple Our charger has an LED on the connector, which makes it easy to check the current charging status. Green symbolizes that the battery is fully charged or is not present in the equipment. An amber light indicates that the battery is currently charging.

Yes I order my charger before 5:30 p.m. by Urgent will it be delivered tomorrow?

That's right. In 100% of cases, orders from Monday to Friday placed before 5:30 p.m. will be processed and shipped the same day. On the other hand, orders placed by urgent on Friday before 5:30 p.m. They arrive at their destination on Monday.  The transport companies we work with They do not deliver on weekends, so orders received after Friday at 5:30 p.m. and during the weekend will be delivered on Tuesday of the following week.

How can I pay for the 45w adapter?

In Hallelujah You can pay with: Paypal, with a debit or credit card through Paypal and by bank transfer or deposit at a BBVA ATM.

What warranty does the MagSafe charger have?

They are brand name chargers. and meets the highest quality standards. In case of detecting a factory fault of the transformer during the first 12 months of use, you can request a change in guarantee. In this case, contact our customer service as soon as possible and we will register your RMA review request. If the charger shows dphysical effects and/or damage external or electrical continuity faults in the magsafe cable caused by negligent use or inappropriate not will be covered by warranty.

Will there be any additional charge when ordering this product?

No, the price that appears on the page is the value of the product. For that reason, not no additional fees are charged at the time of purchase, nor will you be charged additional costs at the time of delivery. 

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Data sheet

Connector Type
Magsafe 1 - L
Electrical power
Compatibility Chart
A1369, A1370, A1304, A1237

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