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The less successful decision: iPhone 7 Jet Black (Glossy Black)

The less successful decision: iPhone 7 Jet Black (Glossy Black)

From the moment of its launch, the iPhone 7 Jet Black, or glossy black, has been the favorite of all buyers. It has been presented as the most exclusive model, achieving, with that, to arouse the interest of the whole public.

Already during the presentation, on Twitter you could see how the reaction of all the viewers was practically the same: if they had to opt for an iPhone color, they would choose the glossy black. Perhaps for the mere fact of being different, of not being matte like the rest of the models; Perhaps, simply by being much more striking than the rest. Regardless of why it has become so famous, what if it is true is that it costs much more to get an iPhone of this tonality. The waiting lists are virtually endless, especially if we want the iPhone 7 Plus in this tonality.

But is it a good idea to buy this iPhone? No. And then we'll explain why.

iphone jet black

It is important to read the fine print

If you go to Apple's official website, and try to buy an iPhone 7 (either Plus or the 4'7 inches) in this color, you will see a notice from the company itself. But this warning will not be so much in sight as we might wish. You will have to scroll to the bottom of the page and, in the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section, you will find it.

'The finish of the iPhone 7 in glossy black is the result of a careful process of anonymization and polishing in nine steps. Its surface is just as sturdy as other anony- mated Apple products, but may have slight microabrasions with use. If this concerns you, we recommend you choose one of the many cases available to protect your iPhone.

ipod classic

In this short notice, what the company does is try to cover their backs against possible complaints (more than possible) that will begin to introduce users when they see how their shiny black iPhone scratch so easily. However, the ruling is still there, and remains his: launching a mobile with so little resistance to microabrasions could negatively impact his image. We'll have to see how the whole thing evolves, and how the iPhone 7 Jet Black really reacts. Maybe, who knows, do not end up like the metalized iPod, and its resistance is much greater; Perhaps Apple just wanted to make sure that, if it ever happened, users were prepared in advance.

iphone jet black


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